Caffeine Overdose Is Real Danger and Can Result in Death

Caffeine Overdose Is Real Danger and Can Result in Death

Energy drink including a cocktale of cafe latte or Mountain Dew and Davis Allan Cripe last month in South Carolina. Davis Allan Cripe was 16-year-old at the time. Caffeine is not toxic as long as you are healthy that is you dont have an underlying heart disorder. Caffeine sources include coffee, chocolates, flavoured icecreams, tea. Sine the sources are varied its difficult to consume a toxic dose. Experts suggest a does between 5 and 10 grams of caffeine can result in overdoes depending on age, health and underlying heart disorder.


Latest trends show that people are turning to denser sources of caffeine with out knowledge. caffeinated candies, energy drinks, chocolatess, caffeinated gummy candies all contribute to the overdose of caffeine. All these products make it easier to add a lot of caffeine in a short amount of time which can have fatal results. However if the consumption of Caffeine from diffrent sources are spread throughout the day that would not result in Caffeine overdoes, death of 16-year-old Davis Allan Cripe was dues to addition of Caffeine from diffrent sources in a short period of two hours.


A study conducted by Mayo Clinic in 2015 found that risk of heart disease increases significantly from a single energy drink in young adults. Caffeine increases blood pressure in a very short term and increased nervous system activity that can result in a heart attack, which is what killed Davis Allan Cripe. and Davis Allan Cripe death isn’t the first there have been many in the past as its very easy to have a caffeine overdoes and not beeing aware of it.

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