Halloween 2017 Shopping: How Americans Are Redifining The Way They Buy

Halloween 2017 Shopping: How Americans Are Redifining The Way They Buy

With Halloween 2017 quickly approaching its time to be prepared, plan and analyse trends on how Americans buy Halloween candy and Halloween costumes. Shopping search is undergoing a defining revolution and businesses and marketers need to be in known on how search is evolving and the new opportunities which will start to open up for brands to engage with consumers. The changes in shopping search is starting to emerge around voice as an interface, the growth of answers and predictive search will become a playground of opportunity for brands to take advantage off.  Consumers are moving towards answers and predictive search rather than traditional search.

To predict how consumer shopping for products, sales and deals are changing, its important to analys how Google search itself is evolving. Google Search is moving from listing of websites and products to answers; the start and end of our online shopping. Since the introduction of Knowledge Graph, answers now make up to 40% of the results pressented to users. As the Knowledge Graph Answers continue to raise it is important that brands recognise this shift and consumer trends.

U.S. Halloween 2017 shopping is expected to increase from an average of $74.34 from last year’s to $82.93. Halloween 2017 consumer spending is expected to coss $8.4 billion an all-time high. Consumers are expected to spend $2.5 billion on Halloween candy, $2.4 billion on Halloween decorations and Halloween greeting cards at $390 million.

DIY Halloween 2017 costumes and decorations are set to significantly increase too. 49% of consumers plan for DIY or Homemade decorations, while the DIY Halloween costumes is set to reach 16%.

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