Iran Retaliates After Pakistan Fires Mortar Shells In To Iran

Iran Retaliates After Pakistan Fires Mortar Shells In To Iran

News agencies form Pakistan have reported that Mortar shells were fired from Iranian border into Pakistan’s territory. Reports further added that Iranian police are calming that Iranian guards were killed due to firing from Pakistan territory and insisted that Pakistan has to take on ultimate responsibility for the cross border firing over the internation border.

The firing has been taking place at the Sistan-Baluchistan province which lies towards south-east Iran and has long been effected due to heavy drug smuggling gangs, warlords and separatist militants from Pakistan. Iran and Pakistan shares have a 900 kilometre long land border. In 2014 Iran and Pakistan held joint meetings aimed at boosting intelligence gathering, sharing and coordination to wipe out drug smuggling gangs, warlords, terrorists coming in from the pakistan border region.

Sistan-Baluchistan crossing point is the oldest trade route connecting Europe through Iran and help thousands of foreigners and locals travelling pass through this ancient trade route. But relation  between the two countries Iran and Pakistan has been deteriorating over the time after more than ten Iranian border guards were ambushed and killed at Mirjaveh on the Sistan-Baluchistan border by the Sunni terror outfit which is pakistan backed, Jaish al-Adl or also called as “The Army of Justice”.

Cross border firing has increased over the past few months due to continuing Islamabad support to terrorist outfits in the border region. Iran said that Jaishal Adl militants had targeted its guards with long-range guns originated from inside Pakistan. The situation was later resolved via dialogue but a permanent solution is still long way to go.

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