Love Noodles? We have good news for you!

The Internet and the health journals are full of directives about the health risks involved in the consumption of noodles. Ranging from the bleached version manufacturing to the many heart risks, any health enthusiast has been given enough reasons to dread from this tongue-pleasing food.

With high levels of preservatives, fats, saturated calories; Noodles have been claimed to increase cholesterol level and cause heart diseases, diabetes, obesity etc.

However, any average Asian millennial can have a hard time refusing a steaming, hot, delicious bowl of noodle. After all, they don’t demand too much preparation time and are less fussy. If it’s a bad day and you don’t feel like cooking, you know that you don’t have to worry because Noodles have got your back!

If you are the same and have an eternal love for your bad-day-meal noodles, cheer up! We have some happy news for you.

Noodles can be a healthier food option! Yay!

Eating healthy is a good thing to do. So, what if we tell you that you can eat your favourite noodles with a twist. Plus, you will get to consume more protein without the intake of any cholesterol or trans-fats.

Everybody, brace the spaghetti noodle made out of durum wheat semolina! To be made into noodles, the core ingredient is mixed with fresh water only.  It is healthy and you get to be lucky! As compared to your all-time favourite Instant noodle, the spaghetti has about 35 percent more protein.

With its smooth texture, you can pamper your taste buds at any hour of the day. Free of any preservatives or refining ingredients, spaghetti noodles are what your health-self had been waiting for.

Why Spaghetti noodle?

  • Contains fibre and protein.
  • Does not stick while boiling. Hence, you won’t have to top-it-up with oil, while boiling or cooking.
  • A great variety of dishes can be prepared with it. Just use veggies, tomatoes, and garnishing of your choice.
  • If it’s your cheat day, you can still go for a tasty yet healthy Spaghetti treat by frying it in olive oil, adding cheese, or any other oily bases.

Bonus Alternative

Now, if the idea of Spaghetti noodles doesn’t appeal to you much, we have an alternative sorted for you.

Gluten-free Rice Noodles.

Carbs are happy food. And Rice noodles will be the reason for bringing you more happiness on your food plate/bowl. They promise to be a filling meal when steamed or put up together with fresh vegetables or salad.

Now that you have your answers, you can proudly binge-eat your favourite noodles while watching your favourite TV show or while winding up some work from the office. So, get creative with the recipe and be ready to satiate the foodie in you.

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