Scientists Hopeful Of Finding Vaccine for HIV/AIDS

Scientists Hopeful Of Finding Vaccine for HIV/AIDS

Deaths realted to HIV/AIDS have been on the rise in recent years. Key to preventions of death in case of HIV/AIDS is identifiation. Survival chances drastically increases if HIV/AIDS is identifided at an early stage. Anti-retroviral drugs have also played a key rold in survival of HIV/AIDS patients. The joint document released by United Nations and World Health Organization further builds on this data. WHO and UN have together initiated many programs to bring HIV/AIDS awareness, one of the most successful of suc program is Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

Though there no vaccines available for HIV/AIDS prevention and cure, scientists have been actively engaged in finding a cure. Its not worth that finding Vaccine for Polio took around 50 years and finding a cure for Typhoid had taken over 100 years, in these terms HIV/AIDS vaccines has been in research for past 30 years and has seen promising results. At the forefront of the research are Indian Scientists who are active in pursuing a cure, currently focus is on preventing the virus form geeing active and resurfacing again. Dr KS Sachdeva, Deputy Director General, NACO feels “vaccine will continue to be important as we never know when the disease can resurface.,”

18 May is celebrated annually as AIDS Vaccine Awareness Day to acknoledge the contribution of many researchers and scientists racing against time to find cure for HIV AIDS. According to latest data India has 21 lakh people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Rcently Indian scientists have made a promising breakthrough by isolating an antibody against HIV/AIDS subtype-C these finding will further help in developing generic vaccines for HIV/AIDS in the future. Scientists hope that this will be able to reduce viral effect in patients and act as passive immunotherapy by preventing virus volume in patients who may have been accidently infected.

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