Study Finds Alcohol and Caffeine Improves Out Of The Box Thinking

Study Finds Alcohol and Caffeine Improves Out Of The Box Thinking

A recent study by MIT scientists found that alcohol, caffeine seems to enhance journalists ability to thinking outside the box, improved abstraction thinking and distribution of priorities, Improved ability to make connections between stories.

London-based neuroscientist and leadership coach Tara Swart published a study highlighting how journalists struggle managing emotions. This is further effected by Excessive alcohol, caffeine drinking. The study covered over 40 journalists from different news platforms such as newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and online platforms. Study span around a period of seven months and was first published by Business Insider.

According to this study, journalist’s brains is at a lower level of activeness compared to those with lower or no intake of alcohol and caffeine. The study included a blood test, heart-rate monitoring throughtout the week, food and drink diary and a brain profile was also done in an endeavour to interpret how journalists could flourish under tension and stress.

Excessive alcohol, caffeine further affected power of the brain to regulate emotions, suppress bias, multitask, think flexibly, solve complex problems and creatively over come issues, and also simple and complex decision making,

The results further demonstrated majority of journalists were affected by this resulting in poor judgement and poor reporting, which means they are easily disturbed. Journalism is thoughtful a nerve-wracking profession further added by tight work deadlines, public accountability.

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