Study Links Tomatoes and Cucumbers To Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Study Links Tomatoes and Cucumbers To Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Heart surgeon and cardiologist Dr Steven Gundry,  from California has in a recent study reported that their might be a link connecting memory loss and lectins which can lead to  dementia. Dr. Gundry further added that lectins in regular diet can result in developing dementia. Cucumbers, tomatoes, whole grains, soy, grains, peppers, sprouted grains and some dairy products which are rich in Lectins can result in promoting memory loss. Lectins is mainly found in cucumbers, tomatoes.

Earlier Gwyneth Paltrow had linked  Alzheimer’s with  cucumbers, suggesting that cucumbers might increase Alzheimer’s and this had lead  Gwyneth Paltrow to face scrutiny after her web post had claimed a protein in cucumbers might be promoting or even increasing Alzheimer’s. Further Lectins might also be harmful to the gut. Excessive consumption of tomatoes, cucumbers over a period of time can lead to Alzheimer’s.

The report further added that lectins acts by changing or affecting immune system and result in variation in blood levels in the body. Lectins can further effect insulin receptors or even block insulin receptors and over time this can have negative affect on body blood vessels. And this variation in blood levels can lead to degeneration of brain the report noted.

Its important to note that many had ridiculed Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop for promoting expensive lifestyle products and many questionable health theories. The protein might act at diffrent levels or even completely diffrent from people to people and the resulting brain damage can also vary from person to person depending on ones genetics. Also blood types can be a factor too, explained Greenfield.

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